What is the Bounty?

For the blockchains' biggest LIVE game show we wanted to create the biggest DECETRALIZED questions and answers data base. In order to achieve Such a Great goal we need you, our beloved community to think of the best question and send them to us. We will use good questions in our game and we will reward and QUALIFYING question that you will send us, with a few guidelines.

So Who Wins?

We will reward 500 SHOW tokens for every qualifying question and answers sets. This reward is capped at 2,500 SHOW tokens reward for 5 question and answers sets. The Bounty is on FCFS (First Come First Serve) system.

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Rules and Guidelines

Tips For Qualifying Questions

Focus On Questions With A NEGATIVE Nature – Use “Who DID NOT…?” Instead Of “Who DID…?” To Confuse Search Engines!

Use Math In Your Questions – Create Your Own Unique Mathematical Riddles Such As: “2 Trains Leave Their Station At 12pm…”

We LOVE Riddles! Those Tough Brain Teasers That Require Our Solvers To Use Their Critical Thinking Skills!

We LOVE Blockchian Questions - Especially Questions About Really New Projects, It's Amazing To Play And Learn!


Your Qualifying Question Sets Addition to the Questions That Our Team Will Add Will Be Used In Our Crypto Show in Our Crypto Show.

You Can Be A Frontier And Help Built World Biggest Blockchain Based Live Game Show!

Fill the form below with 1 question or more.

Remember To Included Your BSC Binance Smart Chain Address For Your Bounty Reward!

Rewards Will Start Distributing After Our Token Sale 

(More Info On In Our Official Telegram Group)